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From engineering through the manufacturing process, we build quality into every product.
Each system virtually
eliminates flaring and adds significant profit to
your overall production efforts. All systems
are scalable, skid mounted and easily relocated.
Engineered Concepts has developed vapor recovery systems for a wide variety of applications ranging from the Bakken in
North Dakota, the Eagle Ford in South Texas, and the Marcellus in Pennsylvania.
With each VRU approach, all pressures and temperatures are closely controlled throughout the system, including the compressor interstage temperatures, which provides customers the highest degree of reliability.

Vapor Recovery Systems

U.S. patent numbers 8,840,703 B1, 8,529,215 B2, 8,864,887 B2, 8,900,343 B1, 9,353,315 B2 
With the BTU values of tank vapors almost doubling
those of typical natural gas streams, the ROI and profits compound very rapidly with effective and reliable vapor recovery.

At the present, there are no “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” solutions to reliable vapor recovery. Climate, production content and numerous other factors are all critical elements in designing a reliable vapor recovery system. To accommodate very different climates, production contents/rates etc., Engineered Concepts has developed a diverse range of vapor recovery systems. Most systems can be retrofitted onto existing production facilities or well pads and all systems are custom designed to meet the production characteristics of your region or individual requirement. All Engineered Concepts systems feature patented and patent pending temperature control features… the key to reliable vapor recovery.