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Additional U.S Patents:
6,238,461 B1
6,364,933 B1
6,551,379 B2
6,984,257 B2
7,531,030 B2
8,529,215 B2
8,840,703 B1
8,900,343 B1
9,291,409 B1
9,527,786 B1
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About Us

The Engineered Concepts Mission:

Engineered Concepts was created with the stated mission of developing processes and equipment that provide for 100% usage of all hydrocarbons produced with a goal of zero hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere.

The Origins

The founders of Engineered Concepts originally began operations as the Olman Heath Company in 1959 in Farmington New Mexico. Their first patent involved a thermostatically controlled 3-way flow diverter valve integrated into a production unit system that became very popular on well pads throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Western US. Weatherford International purchased Olman Heath in the 1980s. The founders regrouped in 2000 forming Engineered Concepts LLC and began developing high efficiency emission reducing oil and gas production equipment. Engineered Concepts now offers customers total well pad solutions including engineering, design and fabricating of a full range of production and mainstream equipment including dehydrators, heaters, separators, compressors and tanks.  These products were engineered for reliability and ruggedness and many units from the 1960's and 1970's can still be found operating in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.  

Partial Listing of Patents

Treater Combination Unit, patent number 10,052,565 B2
A treater combination unit wherein the functions of a heater treater and one or more of a sales gas heater, instrument gas heater/dryer, two-phase separator, and a free water knockout are incorporated into a single unit are included in a single, self-contained and optionally portable unit. 

Compressor Inter-stage Temperature Control, U.S. patent number 9,291,409
A method, system and apparatus for controlling the gas temperature of gas flowing between compressor stages so that the temperature of the gas always remains above the dew point and hydrate temperature of the gas. The invention also allows for controlling inter stage compression temperatures that can be part of a new compressor assembly or retrofitted to compressors already installed and operating.

High Efficiency Slug Containing Vapor Recovery System, U.S. patent number 8,864,887 B2
A slug-containing vapor recovery system wherein pressure and/or fluid level sensors are provided which monitor for conditions caused by the entry of a slug of hydrocarbon liquid, including that caused by a plunger-lift system. The system can be configured to accommodate virtually any anticipated slug-events.

Automatic Secondary Air Controller, U.S. patent number 7,905,722 B1
The invention relates to a system and method for controlling a burner's adjustable secondary air controller. Specifically, the system relates to a control logic for the control of an air supply to  burner such as a natural gas burner used in the production and/or processing of liquid and gaseous petroleum products and in natural gas dehydration systems.

Vapor Process System, U.S. patent number 9,353,315 B2
The invention provides for a natural gas well vapor processing system and method comprising recovering gaseous hydrocarbons to prevent their release into the atmosphere including providing a method of preventing the gaseous hydrocarbons from returning to a liquid.