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The Treater Combination greatly simplifies installation and
operation by combining
all of the functions of a
two-phase high-pressure
horizontal separator, line
heater and horizontal
treater on a single skid.
The Engineered Concept’s Treater Combination puts your well into production in record time. The unit can be hauled anywhere without an over width or over height permit and is designed for both oil field truck tail board loading or crane loading and setting.

Treater Combination Unit

U. S. Patent Number 10,052,565 B2

It has been known for years that horizontal vessel orientations offer superior separations efficiency. The horizontal orientation of this dual function skid affords much greater gas/oil/water surface area combined with a longer more effective firetube.

Engineered Concepts’ combination production packages
arrive on the site ready to install. All piping, metering and electrical is ready to go and built to the specifications of your engineering and field personnel. In most cases the only hook-ins required are the floats, the stack, inlet and
outlet piping and electrical.
Production packages can include a high-pressure separator, free water knock out, treater and fuel gas source all on a single skid. Everything required to set  the system up is included in the shipment and ready to assemble in the field eliminating logistics hassles, delay and costly onsite installations.