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From engineering through the manufacturing process, we build quality into every product.
Engineered Concepts is making emission-free oil and gas production a reality!
How quickly can I recover the capital
expense of Emissions Free Technology?

The price of natural gas, operating conditions, environmental issues and pollution credit trading opportunities are key to determining how quickly the capital investment will be recovered. For a particular application contact us.

Welcome to Engineered Concepts, LLC

The industry leader in Emissions Free oil and gas production systems

Engineered Concepts, LLC has been a leader in emissions free oil and gas production technologies for over 15 years. From the wellhead to the pipeline, Engineered Concepts, LLC provides a full range of oil and gas processing solutions.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of dehydration units, indirect fired heaters, direct fired treaters, gas plants, stabilizers, vapor recovery systems, and scrubbers. Innovative engineering, superb fabrication, stringent quality procedures, and extensive experience are hallmarks of our dedication.

Fewer Emissions Means Significant Profit!
Greenhouse Gas Technology Center, Southern Research Institute
Southern Research Institute operates the Greenhouse Gas Technology Center (GHG Center), one of six ETV Centers, in cooperation with EPA’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory. The GHG Center evaluated the performance of the Quantum Leap Dehydrator. The Verification Statement qualifies the effectiveness of the QLD system.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program to facilitate the deployment of innovative or improved environmental technologies through performance verification and information dissemination. The QLD system was verified to achieve a HAP destruction efficiency greater than 99.74%.